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BREAKING NEWS: Tamil Tigers raid Naval detachment in Sri Lanka

Jun 11, 2008, 05:15 Digg this story!

By Charles Ratnam – TNS


VAVUNIYA – The Tamil Tiger’s formidable naval wing, the Sea Tigers, launched a surprise attack on the key operations command of the Sri Lanka Navy at Erukkalampiddi in the northern Mannaar district in the early hours of Wednesday June 11, according to Rasiah Ilenthiraiyan, the Tamil Tiger’s Military Spokesperson. Erukkalampiddi is located 7 km northwest of Mannaar city and 8 km southeast of Peasaalai, in the island of Mannaar.


The Sea Tigers brought the Sri Lankan navy camp under their control and have seized the arms and military equipments, including radar equipment, he further said. The operation was carried out by Marine Commandos, a Special Forces unit of the Sea Tigers. The Tigers have seized 50-caliber machine guns, 81 mm mortars, Light Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers and several other military hardware from the camp, the Tigers further said.

Sea tiger boats
The Sea Tiger Marines launched the seaborne lightning strike at 2:08 a.m. Wednesday and brought the entire installation under their full control within 10 minutes intense battle, according to the Tamil Tigers. 10 navel personals were killed many more seriously injured, they further said. Four Tiger commandos were also killed in action.


The Tiger commandos were in full control of the SLN installation for almost two hours and destroyed the camp at 3:45 a.m., before leaving the Mannaar Island at 3:50 a.m., the Tigers said.

Tamil Tigers listed the following items seized from the naval camp. Two 50 caliber machine guns, two 81 mm mortars, two PK-LMGs, one Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG), one Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW), two 60 mm mortars, one AK-LMG, three T-56 assault rifles, one radar equipment, many shells, explosives and several other military equipments.

Sea Tigers attributed the mission to the memory of Lt. Col. Kadaafi, a commander of the Sea Tigers Special Engineering Division, who was killed a month ago.


Sea Tigers intensified their operations recently, on March 21st, the elite Black Sea Tigers, engaged in a confrontation with a fleet of Sri Lanka Navy in the seas off Mullaiththeevu, attacked and sunk a SLN Dvora Fast Attack Craft (FAC) between Mullaiththeevu and Naayaa'ru. on May 5th, sea tigers mounted a raid on a coastal point of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) in Koanthaippiddi in Mannaar city.

Sea Tigers
On May 9th, A troop carrier cum supply ship of the Sri Lanka Navy, A-520, named 'MV Invincible', was sunk by Sea Tiger naval commandos in the highly secured Trincomalee Harbour at 2:23 a.m. The underwater attack by Black Tigers was carried out when the supply vessel was loaded with explosives to be transported to KKS Harbour in Jaffna.


On May 28, Sea Tigers launched a raid in the early hours on the Sri Lanka Navy camp located at Chi'ruththeevu islet, close to Ma'ndaitheevu Island and Jaffna city. At least 13 Sri Lanka Navy personnel were killed and many sailors wounded in the raid carried out by a special marine wing of the Sea Tigers. They have seized weapons including a 50-caliber machine gun, a mortar, two LMGs and military equipments including a radar from the strategic SLN camp situated at the islet facing Jaffna. 3 SLN bodies were also recovered by the Tigers.


But the Analysts say the military has the upper hand in the latest phase of the long-running war given superior air power, strength of numbers and swathes of terrain captured in the island's east.

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