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SLAF Bombs Rock Civilians Settlements in Mullaitheevu

Dec 13, 2007, 00:07

Mullaitheevu - Series of aerial attacks conducted by the Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) in Mullaitheevu District today ahead of crucial budget voting on Friday where government might be defeated as its majority narrowed to just one vote as the Sri Lankan Muslim Congress (SLMC) quit the government saying that the he had misgivings about the capability of the government to address the grievances of the minorities; both Muslims and Tamils.


At least two civilians, age 19 year old S. Mathavan and a 33 year old were wounded in the SLAF attacks. Series of attacks in the Mullaitheevu today during the GCE (A/L) exams instill fears into the students who are sitting for GCE (A/L) exams currently in progress. Students fled the exams halls to seek the safety in the bunkers and many students never return to exam halls to continue with the exams due to the trauma caused by the supersonic fighter planes sound and bombing raids on them.


File Image of SLAF Bombing Damage in Wanni


Hundreds of civilians in Wanni area have been killed while many hundreds of civilians were wounded at least forty air raids conducted by the SLAF during last one year while the Sri Lankan Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) targeting civilians including school children in Wanni area where scores of civilians were killed and many more wounded in the attacks causing mayhem among the population in Wanni is being largely ignored by the International Community, an observer in Colombo says.


Sri Lanka is bent on pressing for a military victory over the Tamil Tigers and since 1972 the conflict has left at least eighty thousands people dead. Sri Lanka has been pronounced by media rights activists and rights groups as the most dangerous place in the world for journalists and aid workers to work. Escalation of violence and rampant enforced human rights violations against civilians in Sri Lanka have claimed at least 5,800 civilians, while thousands were abducted and hundreds disappeared in last two years alone.


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