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United States is looking towards SL North provincial council elections

Written by kumaran   // July 21, 2011   // Comments Off


The US government is looking towards provincial council elections being held in the north of Sri Lanka, the US State department said.

A senior US State Department official told reporters that such an election will see for the first time, an indigenous leadership in the area which was ruled by the LTTE for 30 years. “They need to organize provincial council elections up in the north so that there will be, for the first time, an indigenous leadership in that area that was ruled by the LTTE for 30 years. They need to complete the resettlement process.

They need to set up a process of providing for plant dispute resolution, because again, many people have claims to various parts of those plants,” the US State Department said. The official also noted that the Sri Lankan government’s record on resettlement has been good with just about 10,000 or so displaced still to be resettled.

“Where we and the Indians are pushing for progress is on this whole process of reconciliation, where – which is – includes a wide variety of different issues. They need to stop the activities of paramilitaries that continue to operate in that part of the country” the US State Department said.

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