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The new UN resolution will not cover the Sri Lanka conflict

Written by kumaran   // July 19, 2011   // Comments Off

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The United Nations says a new resolution adopted by the UN Security council last week will not cover the conflict between the military and the LTTE which ended in May 2009.
The UN Security Council had adopted a resolution last week expanding the “naming and shaming” list to include parties who attack schools and hospitals.

When asked by News if the resolution will mean Sri Lanka will be included in the list as there were allegations during the war that schools and hospitals were also hit, the UN said no.
“The new resolution takes effect only on the day of its adoption, July 12th 2011 and does not work retroactively,” Timothy La Rose, Communications Officer of the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict told News in a short email.

Sri Lanka had last week called on the UN Security Council and working group on children in armed conflicts to remove the country from the “naming and shaming” list of the UN Secretary General. A report titled Conflict Dynamics International, launched under the auspices of Canada and Germany, has led to Sri Lanka remaining on the “naming and shaming” list despite the end of the war two years ago.

The Sri Lankan Mission in New York had expressed serious reservations about the report to the UN Security council saying it contained a “sadly incomplete and misleading” assertion that individuals implicated in crimes against children in Sri Lanka continued to hold high Government positions.

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