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Tamils should be grateful to President – Karuna

Written by kumaran   // July 14, 2011   // Comments Off


“All Tamils should rally round President Mahinda Rajapaksa at this juncture since this is the real time to show our gratitude to all what he had done for Tamils and as the only leader who can bring a peaceful solution to the country’s ethnic problem.”

This was stated by Resettlement Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthi Muralith-aran at a media briefing at the Government Information Department yesterday.

He pointed out that President Rajapaksa had brought permanent peace to this country by eradicating a 30 year war and he is the only person who has the strength and the support of the entire nation to bring about a political solution to all the burning issues of the Tamils. The deputy minister was of the view that the rapid development taking place in the North and East is due to the strong leadership and good governance of the present government.

“Nearly 95 percent of the rehabilitation and resettlement process in the North and East has been complete and the rest of the Internal Displaced People (IDPs) will also be resettled after the clearing process is over. Land mines have to be removed before resettlement, he said.

“Around 10,000 IDPs in the Menikfarm rehabilitation camp will be released very soon after their lands are totally free of land mines. He said around 79,000 IDPs from Jaffna, around 85,000 from Mannar, 36,000 from Vavuniya, 73,000 from Mullaitivu, around 120,000 from Kilinochchi, around 127,000 from Trincomalee and around 120,000 from Batticaloa and 1,175 from Ampara have been resettled so far and over 95 percent of the resettlement have been completed. He said due to humanitarian support of the President, 40 ex-LTTE cadres entered medical faculties while the majority of former LTTE cadres are being rehabilitated and will be reintegrated into society soon.

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