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South Sudan becomes newest member of UN

Written by kumaran   // July 14, 2011   // Comments Off

south sudan

South Sudan Thursday became the newest member of United Nations, as it joined the world’s top club amid pledges to help one of the planet’s poorest states take its first steps.

“I declare South Sudan a member of the United Nations,” said Joseph Deiss, president of the UN General Assembly, after a vote by acclamation admitted the country as the UN’s 193rd member. ”Welcome, South Sudan. Welcome to the community of nations,” added UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

South Sudan declared independence on Saturday at a ceremony in the new capital Juba before tens of thousands of its citizens and numerous foreign leaders following nearly 50 years of war with Sudan and millions of deaths. The nation’s independence came exactly six months after southerners voted almost unanimously to split with their former civil war enemies in the north.

For decades, until a peace agreement was signed in 2005, southern rebels fought successive wars with the north, leaving the region in ruins, millions of people dead and a legacy of mutual mistrust. Ban acknowledged the country’s painful past as he welcomed South Sudan into the club of nations.

“All those who endured the long civil war. All those who lost so many loved ones. All those who left their homes and fled their communities. All those who held fast to hope. Now they have reached an important milestone,” he said.
“Yes, the task ahead is great. But so, too, is the country’s potential. ”We pledge to help South Sudan shape its future — the well-being and future prosperity of each depends on the other,” Ban added.

“South and North share a common destiny, they must see a future as true partners, not rivals.” [Read More]

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