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The new state of South Sudan will have tryst with destiny on July 9th

Written by kumaran   // July 8, 2011   // Comments Off


South Sudan gains formal Independence on July 9th 2011&emerges as Africas 54th country.It will be in due course the 193rd member of the UNO.

The new state is likely to be called Republic of South Sudan. The flag has a yellow star in a blue triangle on stripes of black,red & green. The President of South Sudan will be Salva Kiir Mayardit of the Dinka tribe. The Vice President will be Riek Machar of the Nuer tribe.

The national anthem selected through competition will be sung at the July 9th independence day ceremony. 30 African heads of state may attend. Among those speaking on the occasion are Sudan President Omar-al-Bashir,UN Sec -Gen Ban Kimoon&the president&vice -president of South Sudan.

South Sudan’s independence was spearheaded by the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army & its political wing the Sudan peoples liberation movement. The Sudan Peoples Liberation Army/Movement was led since 1983 by John Garang.He commanded the SPLA/M in 2nd Sudanese civil war (1983 -2005).

The SPLA/M joined the opposition front -National Democratic Alliance in 1989 & signed a comprehensive peace treaty with the Sudan govt in 2005. John Garang then served as vice -president of Sudan but died in a helicopter crash in July 2005.He was succeeded by Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The 2005 “Naivasha CPA agreement” between the Sudan govt & SPLA/M enabled a referendum to be held in 6 years to determine South Sudan’s future. The referendum was held in South Sudan from Jan 9th to Jan 15th 2011 on whether it should be an independent state or remain as part of Sudan.

The referendum result saw 98.83& voting for Independence. The date for creating an Independent South Sudan state was set for July 9th 2011. The new state of nearly 10 million people has over 200 languages & dialects. The Dinka tribe is the largest ethnicity & dominates the army & govt.

South Sudan has large oil reserves & mineral deposits.Though landlocked it has access to the Nile river waters. It also has much livestock. The creation of South Sudan is regarded as a move by the USA & some western nations to counter China’s influence in the region.

It is also seen as part of the US strategy to use it as a catspaw to undermine Sudan & bring about a regime change in Khartoum. Despite the “Power” games the Independence of South Sudan is a reality & the world’s new state prepares for its tryst with destiny on July 9th.

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