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Cardio Fitness Will Help You Live Longer

Written by kumaran   // June 26, 2011   // Comments Off

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Cardio fitness, also known as cardio respiratory endurance, is a vital part of every exercise routine, which is geared towards enhancing an individual’s health and well-being. Improved cardiovascular fitness aids in enhancing muscular endurance and allows the body to sustain various activities for certain duration of time by providing oxygen-rich blood to the lungs, heart and the vascular system. A good cardiovascular fitness helps improve physiologic and psychological health through fitness components, enhanced target rates and intense cardio workouts.

Cardio Workouts: Improving Cardio Fitness

Exercise plans that are aimed at enhancing cardio respiratory endurance are also known as cardio workouts and usually contain three general components.

• Constant implementation. Most cardio workout routines need to be performed three to five times a week. Alternate your workout plans with your rest days. However, there are mild cardio exercises that can be performed everyday if it doesn’t really strain the body’s muscular or skeletal system.

• Specific time duration. Most fitness plans are geared towards the improvement of the heart’s cardiovascular system and should be performed in less than twenty minutes. Longer cardio routines usually result in an increased heart and vascular endurance.

• Sustained cardio intensity levels. Efficient cardio workouts would need that your target heart rate to be achieved at a certain predetermined duration of time based on desired outcomes and fitness levels.

Before starting any fitness plan, a routine physical check up and consult should be done by the physician. The physical assessment provides information pertaining to a person’s overall health, potential problems and other aspects where cardio fitness workouts and strength training can be utilized in preventing future health risks.

Cardio Adaptation in Weight Lifting

During weight lifting, your heart muscle contractions compress the blood vessels, the heart exerts more effort to supply blood to the cells of the body and there is an increased resistance to the blood flow. As a rule, the stronger a person becomes, the more muscles you develop. The left ventricle’s muscular wall also thickens so the heart is able to cope with an increased blood pressure. This is how weight lifting improves a person’s cardio fitness.

A good way to keep your heart and lungs healthy is by regularly exercising. People who are attempting to perform regular cardio fitness routines should regularly do exercises for at least

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