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U.K Has Begun Afghan Withdrawal

Written by kumaran   // June 22, 2011   // Comments Off


The U.K. said it has already begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, where it is the second-largest contributor of foreign forces.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a statement to Parliament that around 200 of an expected 400 personnel the U.K. plans to remove from the country have already been withdrawn.

Britain’s admission comes ahead of an announcement by President Barack Obama on plans for U.S. troop withdrawal. Mr. Obama is expected to announce the withdrawal of up to roughly 10,000 troops this year.

Britain has around 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, or about 7.2% of the overall total, against the 68% provided by the U.S. Last month Prime Minister David Cameron said that by February 2012, around 400 U.K. military personnel will have withdrawn from Afghanistan

These troops being withdrawn are leaving on completion of specific tasks, Mr. Hague said. That includes the move of the U.K.’s strategic air hub from Kandahar airfield to Camp Bastion.

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