Speculation grows on Yemeni president’s condition

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ali abdullah

Yemen’s president accepted an offer Saturday to receive medical treatment in Saudi Arabia for wounds sustained a day earlier in a rocket attack on the presidential palace, the Associated Press reported, citing unnamed Yemeni officials.

But Yemen’s deputy information minister said that there would be no need to move the president to the neighboring kingdom, which has superior medical facilities.

The conflicting reports fueled speculation that the injuries President Ali Abdullah Saleh suffered in Friday’s attack could have been more serious than the palace has suggested.

Also Saturday, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah brokered a temporary cease-fire between Yemeni government forces and opposition tribesmen, tribal leaders said.

The deal followed a day of intense fighting in the capital, Sanaa, on Friday that heightened fears of growing lawlessness in a country where Washington is trying to root out a sophisticated branch of al-Qaeda.

After Saleh and top officials were wounded in the afternoon attack on the presidential palace in southern Sanaa, government forces reportedly struck tribal leaders’ homes with artillery fire, killing 19 people and wounding 40, tribal leaders said.

Yemen’s state news agency reported Saturday that the country’s prime minister, Ali Mujawar, and the speaker of parliament, Yahya al-Raee, were among a handful of dignitaries flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment.

Saleh was wounded in the head and was being treated at the Defense Ministry hospital, a Yemeni official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the president’s condition. [Read More]

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