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Read before you buy

Written by kumaran   // May 15, 2011   // Comments Off


Use the information found on nutrition information panels to help you prepare healthy meals for your child.

PARENTS need to choose food wisely when it comes to providing good nutrition for their children. One of the ways to guide parents in selecting packaged foods is through food labels.

If you have not been reading food labels on packaged products when you’re grocery shopping, it is time to pay extra attention to the little white panel displayed at the back of food packets.

A nutrition label, or nutrition information panel (NIP), is a table found on the label of a packaged food, showing the amount of energy, carbohydrate, protein, and fat in the product.

For some foods, the vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients may also be listed. It can be considered as an indicator of the nutritional quality of a specific food product.
Nutrition labelling encourages consumers to use sound nutrition principles in the selection of food and preparation of meals.

As a parent, understanding what all that information means will help you make healthier food choices for your child. In turn, it helps to meet his nutritional needs, while limiting the amount of unnecessary fat and sugar in his diet. [Read More]

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