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Double delight: Moms who have twins live longer

Written by kumaran   // May 12, 2011   // Comments Off

Marcia Cross is the luckiest mom

Women who deliver twins live longer compared to moms of only singletons, a new study has claimed.

According to the University of Utah study, it’s not that doubling up on dirty diapers boosts their life span, but instead that healthier women have an increased chance of delivering twins. “Having twins will not make you stronger or healthier, but stronger, healthier women are more likely to have twins naturally,” Shannen Robson, the study’s first author, said.

Ken Smith, the senior author of the study, added: “The prevailing view is that the burden of childbearing on women is heavier when bearing twins. But we found the opposite: women who naturally bear twins in fact live longer and are actually more fertile.”

The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, was based on genealogical record of over 58,780 non-polygamous Utah women who were born between 1807 and 1899, lived to age 50 and married for once.

Of those, 4,603 were the mothers of twins and 54,183 gave birth only to one baby at a time. It was found that mothers of twins beat moms of only singletons on every measure — they lived longer, had longer reproductive life spans, needed less time to recover between pregnancies, and had more children overall.

While mothers of twins born before 1870 had on average 1.9 more children than mothers of singletons, moms in the post-1870 group each had 2.3 kids more than their singleton mom counterparts, the researchers found.

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